The power amp is the beating heart of every guitar setup and easily its most important part. That’s the reason why we equipped our rack mounted all-tube stereo power amp, the TWIN FIFTY, with two independent 50 Watt versions of the power stage used in our best and most reputable guitar amp to date, the RAPTOR III, preserving every nuance of the fabulous tone of the original, but in a compact, 19” package. Now you can take advantage of its master’s delicious sound qualities to enhance the overall tone of your own rig, regardless of where your sound originates from – an all-tube preamp, a hybrid machine or any of the hyper-modern digital simulators. In fact, if there’s one setup in which the TWIN FIFTY will simply redefine your expectations of what’s possible in the dynamics and clarity departments, it is with non-tube preamps.

Feature highlights

  • Strictly all-tube circuitry
  • Twin channel, 2×50 Watts of tube power courtesy of three 12AX7s and two pairs of 6L6s
  • Independent STANDBY switch per channel for safe, failure-free operation
  • Independent GAIN controls per channel
  • Dedicated active PRESENCE and RESONANCE controls for setting each channel’s top and bottom ends independently
  • MONO/STEREO inputs
  • Dual mono operation for full 2x50W power even with single-cable mono signal sources
  • Dedicated power tube fuses for each channel including FUSE FAIL flashing LED indicators on front panel for streamlined operation
  • 4 (2×8), 8 (2×16) and 16 Ohm five-speaker outputs per channel to connect any speaker or speaker combination desired
  • Fan cooled
  • 19”, 3U design
  • Rugged construction – 1.5mm metal chassis, dual-layer brushed stainless steel front panel design, custom compound cast metal logo and black chrome-plated brass knobs

The TWIN FIFTY is powered by three 12AX7s and two pairs of 6L6s, bestowing a meaty, strong, harmonic tone. Each of its two all-tube channels is equipped with GAIN, PRESENCE and RESONANCE controls, letting the player set the volume, brightness and depth for each side independently. Both channels are also fitted with their own STANDBY switches to let the player use only one of them when the full power of 2x50W would be overkill. Both channels contain dedicated power fuses together with the corresponding FUSE FAIL flashing LED indicators informing you about power tube failure, should this ever happen.

Each channel is equipped with its own input and five speaker outputs, allowing the amp to be paired with virtually any speaker or speaker combination desired. We recommend to pair it with with our 1×12“ or 2×12“ enclosures, but in reality it is powerful enough to easily drive even two four-twelves when desired.

Additionally, when just one input is in use, both inputs are actually linked together, giving you the bigger headroom and richer sound of two, independent tube power stages despite a single-wire mono signal source. The oversized power transformer then feeds the beast with no compromise.

The amp is built in a black, heavy duty, specially bent metal chassis and featuring a brushed stainless-steel triple-layer front panel. The tubes, placed vertically for long life and extra durability, are cooled by a quality silent fan. Last, but not least, the bulk of the controls – including the power tube fuses – are front mounted for easy, convenient access.

You can use this amp as part of your rack-mounted rig or as a standalone showpiece. In any case, you will always appreciate the TWIN FIFTY’s strong dynamics and highly natural, cultivated tube sound – and also its original, high-end look.


Description All-tube guitar stereo rack mount power amp
Independent power channels 2
Power output (R.M.S., Watts) 2×50
Dual mono / stereo operation • / •
STANDBY switch / per channel • / •
GAIN control / per channel • / •
PRESENCE control / per channel • / •
RESONANCE control / per channel • / •
FUSE FAIL indicator / per channel • / •
Speaker outputs per channel (Ohm) 16, 8 (2x), 4 (2x)
Amplifier class AB
Tubes fitted 3x12AX7, 4x6L6
Fan cooled
Material / welded Steel / •
Stainless steel brushed front panel
Operating voltage 230VAC/50Hz*
Dimensions (WxHxD, mm) 482x132x340 (19″, 3U form factor)
Weight (kg) 16,1

* 117VAC upon request
Note: Due to continuous development, specifications are subject to change without prior notice