Since the very beginning, we have been offering our customers the possibility to tailor the sound of our gear to their particular needs; this includes fine-tuning of our amps to their specific requirements, upgrading the circuitry of our older amps to their newest, better sounding versions, fitting the cabinets with the speakers or speaker combinations they prefer, and so on.

To bring our product personalization offering to the next level, we now also offer the possibility of full design customization. From now on, feel free to accentuate your music personality by giving your brand new ESH gear your own, custom look. Do you want your amp to look more vintage? Or contemporary? Do you like the traditional all-black design, any particular combination of colors or patterns, or will you prefer the beauty of solid wood? Our gear is designed to serve you reliably for a long time anyway, so why not express your personality by getting something different, something truly original, simply something to let you stand out from the crowd? You can choose from hundreds of types of vinyl coverings, front grilles, piping and fittings, and we will build your new ESH amp or cab to match your exact, personal vision right from scratch in our factory.

As a pinnacle of gear customizing, we now also offer a unique possibility to decorate your brand new ESH gear with airbrush, by professionals from our allied company.

As you can see, the number of personalization options is truly endless.

So, do you have any design ideas? Let us know!