Do you need to record your fresh new guitar part late at night at your home studio without disturbing your family or neighbours? Or do you want to overdrive your tube amp’s power stage to obtain the sound you prefer (you surely do, right?), but also looking to keep your ears longtime intact? Or do you play guitar on stage where you want your tone to truly excell but you also have to keep – for whatever reason – your overall output level strictly under control? Or, best of all, do you also regularly use an ordinary 1×12″ enclosure without the need of any sound level dampening? All this at the same time, and more, is attainable with this unique, dual-function guitar isolation cabinet.

The main purpose of this box is to keep the overall guitar sound level at bay when needed, while retaining the tone quality available for mic’ing at the highest level possible. Personal home studios, theaters, practicing rooms and even onstage venues and ordinary recording sessions can all benefit from the ability to control the overall sound volume of the guitar part.


Better still, the fact that the mic inside the cab is separated from the outside sonic influence also means that there is less interference with other instruments inside the band, resulting in a much cleaner and more easily manageable soundstage.

We developed the original, first generation “ISO BOX” years ago for one of the most famous Czech rock band’s live tour performance with the Prague Symphonic Orchestra (“FOK & Lucie Classically”), and it did the job with flying colors. This second gen, which currently drives the stage at the most acclaimed Czech music theater (Karlin Music Theatre in Prague), adds many important enhancements, most notably separability of both main parts, and vastly redesigned innards to provide the best guitar sound available for amplification and recording. Needless to say, we have also improved its appearance, transportability and overall usability.

At present, when split apart, the speaker-containing portion looks and acts as an ordinary 1×12″ guitar enclosure, so feel free to use it this way as long as you want. Then, if need be, join the parts together again in seconds to silence the beast. This added value makes the investment in this multi-purpose enclosure even more convenient.

The box is made from first grade birch plywood and sports the CELESTION Vintage’30 speaker connected to a high-quality input jack plate. The output is then realised via the pre-wired female XLR – type cable connector, ready for the mic insert, soldered to the male-XLR equipped output plate. The built-in long and sturdy mic gooseneck, together with both parts’ removable backs, allows you to easily arrange the right position of the mic with regard to the speaker and/or even change the speaker itself . Both the main parts are then joined together by two heavy-duty butterfly locks for easy and quick operation, and the rubber sealing is used at joint to minimise the potential for sound bleeding. Last but not least, both parts are kitted with quality strap handles and dedicated rubber feet for easy handling and transport.

This special cabinet can be equipped with a different speaker and/or with more microphone holders upon request. Naturally, its appearance is also subject to customizing, as is the case with all current ESH cabs and amps now.


Feature highlights

  • 1×12“, dual-function guitar ISO BOX
  • Straight baffle
  • Fitted with CELESTION Vintage’30
  • 60 Watt power handling
  • Premium birch ply, closed back cabinet
  • XLR-ready mic gooseneck equipped
  • Easy connecting of both parts via two heavy-duty butterfly locks
  • Black cloth-backed heavy vinyl covering
  • Black, heavy duty mesh grille
  • Nickel-plated corners and fittings
  • Two large, nickel-plated strap handles
  • Brushed custom compound cast metal logo


Description 1×12“ dual-function guitar ISO BOX
Baffle Shape / Ported Straight / –
Back / removable Closed / • (2x)
Speaker(s) 1x CELESTION Vintage’ 30
Power (Watts) 60
Impedance (Ohm) 8
MONO / STEREO operation ready • / –
SERIAL / PARALLEL output – / –
2“ casters / with brakes – / –
Standard covering / customizable Black vinyl / •
Standard grille cloth / customizable Black basket weave / •
Standard hardware / customizable Nickel-plated / •
Dimensions (WxHxD, mm) 380x380x856*
Weight (kg) 23,7 (13,2 speaker + 10,5 cover)

* Add 20mm to height for rubber feet
Note: Due to continuous development, specifications are subject to change without prior notice