We’ve listened carefully to our customers who have asked us to develop a scaled-down all-tube amp that retains the ESH signature sound quality and versatility. Following three years of development, we would like to introduce the a brand new amp, the second member of our RAPTOR family – the MICRO RAPTOR.

This amp retains the basic sound principles and design philosophy of its big brother – our acclaimed RAPTOR III flagship, sharing the very best features from it in a more portable form factor with enhanced power scaling, versatility and simplicity of use. We also added some important new features to better suit the needs of guitarists playing smaller venues; further, to accommodate the desires of many players looking for a dynamic semi-clean type of sound at lower volumes, we carefully reworked the CLEAN channel to allow quicker breakup than ever before.

Feature highlights

  • Strictly all-tube circuitry – built upon our latest developments in guitar tube circuits combined with classic, time-proven designs; there is no semiconductor in there that even touches the signal path;
  • Four directly selectable channels (two channels + two distinctive modes each), six 12AX7 hi-gain design;
  • Two independent 4-band EQ sections (BASS, MIDRANGE, TREBLE and PRESENCE) lets you adjust the sound of both CLEAN and LEAD channels precisely, without the restrictions of a shared-EQ setup;
  • Dedicated GAIN + VOLUME LED-indicated controls for each CHANNEL/MODE for easy adjustment;
  • The CLEAN channel’s fully independent circuitry allows you to fully utilise the channel’s real-clean dynamic headroom without any shared-circuitry sonic limitations;
  • A variable TONE selector lets you boost the already-strong bottom end of the amp to even higher levels using the switch’s FAT or DEEP modes when needed;
  • A wide array of power output options (50/25/12W) courtesy of a quad of 6V6 power tubes via the variable OUTPUT selector;


  • Tube driven, remote ready, switchable serial FX LOOP lets you combine the amp with virtually any effect you like. Additionally, the amp allows you to assign the FX LOOP to one of the CLEAN and simultaneously to one of the LEAD channel modes for automatic operation – without any switching hassle – thanks to its AUTO CL and AUTO LD switches. A dedicated LED indicator on the front panel always informs you about loop’s on/off status;
  • EXTERNAL SWITCHING jacks allows you to operate all of the amp’s basic functions (CHANNEL, MODE & FX LOOP) remotely via any simple switch, MIDI driven switcher or similar switching device;
  • Dedicated six-button digital foot controller (model FS-6M, sold separately) with enhanced switching logic lets you operate the amp seamlessly over three-pin, locked, XLR-equipped, fully detachable regular symmetric wire. Additionally, the footswitch’s MUTE facility – indicated also on the amp’s front panel – lets you totally silence the amp’s output when needed;
  • The amp MUTEs facility flashing LED informs you also about the on-start initial 30 second minimum warm-up time for tubes to be sufficiently heated;
  • Unique possibility to combine all types of switching options (manual/footswitch/external switching) in the same time for maximum usability;
  • Enhanced digital control logic circuitry makes the usage of the amp as simple as possible;
  • 4 (2×8), 8 (2×16) & 16 Ohm five speaker outputs lets you to connect any speaker(s) desired;
  • Both pairs of the power tubes are fused independently for increased reliability and usability;
  • MAINS VOLTAGE SELECTOR lets you set the operating voltage (115/230VAC) of the amp by the simple flip of a switch for international use;
  • Hand-wired and hand-soldered; additionally, the power amp section has point-to-point wiring for maximum endurance and reliability;
  • Built like a tank – premium birch ply cabinet, nickel-plated 1.5mm thick chassis with brushed stainless steel panels and air vents, three-layer metal front panel design, black cloth-backed heavy vinyl covering, custom compound cast metal logo and black chrome-plated brass knobs.

But don’t worry – when designing this new amp, we didn’t change the main qualities that made all our amps so desirable, such as industry-leading build quality and the paramount characteristic of any tube amp – its sonic performance. And the best of all? Everything is now built in much smaller, more convenient package.

There are many small guitar tube amps on the market right now. We believe that none of them offer the sound, features and flexibility of the MICRO RAPTOR. So, if you are hunting for an innovative, high-spec all-tube amp in an effortlessly-manageable size – easily fitting atop a 1×12″ speaker enclosure – look no further.

There is more, however. The four precisely-tuned channels, together with the natural, strong dynamics of the amp’s all-tube design cover a wide variety of sounds sought by virtually all modern guitar players.

The CLEAN A channel gives players a midrange-heavy, round and creamy clean sound that many guitarists – including those playing single-coil-equipped guitars – describe as “tone to die for”; CLEAN B brings a brilliant, sparkling clean tone with the ability to breakup sooner and play dirty for those who prefer to control the sound via the dynamics of their fingers.

The LEAD A crunch channel, further enhanced by the lower output power stage of the amp, allows you to play a wide variety of our signature overdrive sounds similar to what the RAPTOR III amp brought to the audience a few years ago.

LEAD B then provides players with a saturated, tailored mids-heavy-overdrive suitable for virtually all modern hi-gain rock styles, while retaining all of the detail, sustain and brilliance that only our amps produce.

All channels then immensely benefit from the roundness and musicality of the midrange-heavy 6V6-equipped power section, further underlined by the circuitry’s special design, which ensures that the amp never suffers from harsh highs. Although this amp was initially designed for smaller clubs, in reality it is powerful enough to be easily used in much larger venues simply by matching it with the appropriate speaker enclosure(s). Our recommended choice for smaller setups would be one or two of our 1×12″s (model GX112-60 or GX112-200EV). However, when playing larger venues, combine four of these enclosures for maximum portability or use any of our multi-speaker enclosures. Additionally, the POWER AMP TONE and OUTPUT controls, which let you shape the amp’s bottom end together with the ability to adjust the output power to the appropriate level, allow players to set up the amp to work in any room, even those with particular sonic deficiencies or characteristics, without sacrificing control.

With this amp, you get the sound and features that even most of the big amps on the today’s market are sorely lacking – and all this in a small, convenient unit.





All-tube guitar head

No. of channels / modes

2 / 2

Separate EQ for each channel / mode

• / –

Separate VOLUME for each channel / mode

• / •

BRIGHT switch on CLEAN



FX loop
Type serial
Tube driven
Remote ready
CHANNEL / MODE assignable • / •
Variable SEND level
Variable RETURN level
Activity indicator
Power Amp
MASTER facility
PRESENCE control • (dual)
RESONANCE (TONE) control • (3-step)
Power output (R.M.S., Watts) / switchable 50/25/12 / •
Amplifier class AB
Speaker outputs (Ohm) 16, 8 (2x), 4 (2x)
Slave out
Power tubes dual fusing
Amp operation
Manual CHANNEL / MODE switch on front panel • / •
Dedicated foot controller type / included FS-6M / –
MUTE facility
Simultaneous control (panel/footswitch/external)
Digital control logic
Tubes fitted 6x12AX7, 4x6V6
Operating voltage 115/230VAC/50-60Hz
Mains voltage selector
Nickel plated steel chassis / welded • / •
Premium birch ply box
Standard covering / customizable Black vinyl / •
Standard grille cloth / customizable Black basket weave / •
Standard hardware / customizable Nickel plated / •
Dimensions (WxHxD, mm) 490x230x240*
Weight (kg) 16,4

* Add 15mm to height for rubber feet
Note: Due to continuous development, specifications are subject to change without prior notice