This angled baffle box houses a quad of great CELESTION speakers, which have left their mark on rock music through the years – G12M-25 “Greenbacks” – in the same enclosure as our acclaimed GX412-240HXtra.

Greenbacks have long been known in the guitar world for their natural, big, ”wooden” sound with strong, tight bass, nicely coloured higher mids and brilliant, aggressive highs. Add to this the speakers’ shockingly fast response and relatively low power handling, and you will understand why we recommend this great sounding enclosure as the ideal companion to artists preferring easy speaker overdrive achieved with lower powered, low-to-mid-gain amps.

The latest generation of this cabinet posesses not only a brand new, custom construction, but also the industry-leading connection options. Specifically, you’re now getting a completely redesigned jack plate featuring not only dedicated MONO and STEREO inputs, but also SERIAL and PARALLEL outputs to maximize the enclosure’s connectivity potential. Hence, setting up your own multiple-enclosure guitar rig will be a breeze now, even when using an insufficiently equipped amp, connecting more than two cabs, or facing any other hard-to-solve challenge of the kind.

As is the case with our top-of-the-line GX412-240HXtra  cab, this box is also fitted with inset, metallic-powder-coated recessed steel handles and quality, dual-bearing brake-equipped casters. Last but not least, this top-of-the-line guitar enclosure’s appearance is now ready to be customized. You can have your own covering, grille and hardware, as is the case with all current ESH cabs and amps, but you can also use our custom-designed DIY sets.

Feature highlights

  • Angled baffle
  • Four CELESTION Greenback‘25 speakers equipped
  • 100 Watts/16 Ohm MONO or 2×50 Watts/ 2×8 Ohm STEREO operation
  • Easy setup due to its intuitive, industry-leading five-socket I/O jack plate design
  • Premium birch/pine ply custom construction, oversized, closed back cabinet
  • Black cloth-backed heavy vinyl covering
  • Black, heavy duty mesh speaker grille
  • Nickel-plated corners and fittings
  • Large, inset, metallic-powder-coated recessed steel side handles
  • Four 50mm, double bearing, brake-fitted heavy-duty casters
  • Brushed, custom compound cast metal logo
  • Black piping





4×12“ enhanced guitar enclosure

Baffle Shape / Ported

Angled / –

Back / removable

Closed / •

Speaker (s)

4x CELESTION Greenback’25

Power (Watts)


Impedance (Ohm)

16 / 2×8

MONO / STEREO operation ready

• / •


• / •

2“ casters / with brakes

• / • (2 front)

Standard covering / customizable

Black vinyl / •

Standard grille cloth / customizable

Black basket weave / •

Standard hardware / customizable

Nickel-plated / •

Dimensions (WxHxD, mm)


Weight (kg)


* Add 70mm to height for casters
Note: Due to continuous development, specifications are subject to change without prior notice