If you are really serious about affirming your and your band’s hard’n’heavy image on stage, look no further.

This unique set consists of three pieces of heavy-duty nickel-plated iron chain, a metal, soft-rubber-backed ESH logo, made so the chains can be easily attached to it, three pieces of special, custom made metal fixtures and several screws, nuts and other fasteners. It is designed specifically for our top-of-the-line angled 4×12” guitar enclosures, the GX412-240HXtra and GX412-100HXtra, bestowing on them a hard, uncompromising heavy-metal look. And should you pair this kit with the PL-HX4 custom protective ledge set, the resulting optical effect will be particularly impressive.

The mounting itself is relatively straightforward; however, if you are unwilling or unable to do it by yourself, we can do it for you professionally in our factory. Better still, why not order your brand new ESH cab with this or even with both these sets applied right during production? That way, you can rest assured that everything is done correctly for your full, longtime satisfaction.


Description Chained ESH logo set
Enclosure compatibility GX412-240HXtra, GX412-100HXtra
Dimensions (WxHxD, mm) 300x250x90
Weight (kg) 1,3


Description Chained ESH logo set
Enclosure compatibility GX412-240LXtra, GX412-100LXtra
Dimensions (WxHxD, mm) 300x250x90
Weight (kg) 1,7

Note: Due to continuous development, specifications are subject to change without notice